Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-Best Electronic Gifts for Christmas

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Household chores, a must do and tiring task

Who amongst us likes to do housework? If there is a way to lighten the household chores, why wouldn’t we?

Everybody is so busy and tired:

Nowadays we are living in a world where the majority of us are always so busy with our work.

For the past, I was in a profession where it was always very busy before and after each month end closing. Many late nights were spent at the workplace. Most of the time, my weekends will be burnt too. On top of this, I still need to bring my office laptop home to continue working on any unfinished or urgent work. (That’s the reason why the company employs us. Cry. Lol)

By the time we reach home, all our energy has been drained up. Even if you manage to have free time on the weekend/off day, it will be sad if there is still a lot of household chores to be done. One of the most tiring tasks is the cleaning up of the floor. I could not take it when the floor got dirty and cannot understand why there is always dust when all doors and windows were shut most of the time.

What if there is a way to lighten the housework, why not? It will be a great relief for you! Apart from that, it will be even better if you can do away with the household chores and spend more quality time with your family and loved ones. Or you can have your own personal time to rest well and get recharged.

There is a way out!

Hence, in order to free myself up and stop further energy draining with tiring house chores, I started to look out for alternatives on the website. I recalled seeing a robotic vacuum cleaner at my friend’s place. Being a gadget lover person, I was so amazed. Thereafter, I was fortunate to find an article talking about the invention of robotic cleaners, leading me to check out further on these wonderful home improvement gadgets.

How I choose a decent robotic cleaner

So how to choose a good robotic vacuum cleaner?

I had done a lot of homework on the different type of robotic cleaners. From various online stores to departmental stores. It took me quite a long time to come to a conclusion.

I’ve always been careful and calculative whenever I need to make any purchase. Not trying to be stingy but when it comes to taking out money from our pocket, I have to be cautious.

  • Check out reviews

Also, I did not want to pay for a white elephant. Reason being, I saw on YouTube’s reviews that some robotic cleaner just simply knocked onto anything even though it has built-in sensors. Some could not even perform a simple cleaning function, low power suction. When it comes to value, there is always a price to invest.

  • Tabulation for comparison

I even made a tabulation listing to compare between various brand/model, features, warranty, service center location/support, vendor’s credential and of course most important, the price. I suggest you do that-something visual will be a lot easier for you to compare. It’s up to you.

  • Pull the salesman in!

Get something that is lasting. The same goes for human relationships. After careful consideration, I invited the salesman to perform a live demonstration at my house, on 3 types of automatic cleaning machines I fancied: Vacuum, Mop, and Wash types.

The purpose is to get the real feel and see the robotic vacuum cleaner in action, right in front of your very own eyes. Sometimes, advertisement and the commercial break will be showing you the best but never tell you the full story. You know.

At that moment, after the demo, I had the urge to get two types: Vacuum and Washing function. The salesman was honest enough to tell me straight that although the washing model can really wash, the battery consumption is fast and need to be recharged quite a few times in order to cover only a small area. There’s a huge washing tank, unlike those we are seeing nowadays with a small flat water tank. It really scrubs and cleans very well. Somehow a year or so, I understood that the model no longer available. I still love it but too bad.

  • Brand, Model, and Type

I would suggest getting a decent brand where people know. Sometimes or most of the time, the unknown brand never last long.

Not necessarily that branded ones are expensive but there is a range of models available. You do not have to go for the latest model unless you can afford it.

For me, I just go for mid-range models which can still able to perform a satisfactory job for me.

There are models which allow remote control from the smartphone, which I see that it is not necessary for me.

There are also various brands where it includes a mop pad coupled with the vacuum function. Ultimately, it is up to the individual’s preference and budget.

  • Here comes my baby!

For me, it has always been a wise decision, with no regret! Look at my loving baby below!

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum:

My iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum 1

Let the robotic cleaner do the dirty job, for health’s sake too! Hands off!

Getting one robotic vacuum cleaner eases a lot of time to clean up the floor. A cleaned floor will help us in terms of better health.

We will be less prone to getting common illnesses such as the common cold or flu.  All these dust, dirt and even animal furs (if you have pet at home) will harm our health easily by affecting our respiratory system and skin.

Sweeping the floor is not a good activity because there are bound to have flying dust in the air when you sweep. No wonder, nowadays a lot of people are getting sick very easily.

Pros, more than cons

Preparation job:

The only cons I see is to prepare the floor before hitting the clean button.

Even if you have to pick up stuff on the floor before cleaning, it helps you to cultivate a good habit. That is, not to anyhow leave or throw your stuff on the floor! Who wants to stay in a messy house?

These smarthome products have a smart built-in memory technology where it can ‘remember’ the furniture position. It will be fine if you decide to relocate the furniture. Not an issue. It is smart :o)

You still can leave the stuff on the floor since it has a sensor feature. It is able to avoid any ‘obstacle’; by bypassing when it senses something or when you walk past.

Scheduled job:

It has a very good feature where you can program it to run anytime. Set it to any day/time you prefer to run sessions. It can also run daily or while you travel. You can let it run when you go out and by the time when you are back, the job is done. Easy breezy!

Auto Docking:

You do not need to bring the machine back to its home base(docking station).

It can go back to his docking station, when it is about to complete its task or till it gets hungry (battery running flat soon). No worries, this smart baby will know its way back.

Anyway, manual docking is not so common nowadays. That is, to bring the robotic cleaner by yourself to the charging base. Although it is still available in the market, I can tell you it is very troublesome. Imagine halfway through when the battery runs out and it stops under the bed. That’s it. I believe you would not want that to happen.

Pamper your machine, so that it will do the job for you:

After all, my smart gadget has been a great helper for the past years. Really good purchase.

What you need to do is to ‘service’ it once in a while, when the bin gets ‘full’ or the body is dirty and needs you to wipe it up.

For me, normally I will do a simple wipe up and empty the bin. The most tedious was to take out the parts by unlocking all the necessary screws(if you know how, if not I would not suggest). I only did it once since I bought it 3 years (and a month) ago. It’s up to you how you want to do it.

You do not have much to complain because the robotic cleaner is cleaning up the whole house for you (You do not have to do so).

Health Ambassador:

Forgot to mention, for a person who was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 7, this machine really helps a lot. Used to clean up the floor with a vacuum cleaner (it is still with me but for other purposes like vacuuming the window sliding track) but during the process, I felt hot and irritated due to perspiration. People with eczema have very low or zero tolerance. In the end, my skin condition got worst.

Real life pictures of how this wonderful machine works for you:

【Note: The pictures below may make you feel uncomfortable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.】

Look at the amount of dust, harming our family’s health!

My iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum-5
My iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum-5

To what I see, this is a great problem solver since nowadays a lot of people are having an allergy problem. Keeping the floor clean, makes a great difference.

Smart Home Technology for the elderly:

Also, my mum has been helping out by staying at my sister’s place for many years. Recently, she is back staying with me for good.

She is always happy to see the robotic cleaner roaming about.

Christmas is coming. It is also a great gift for the parents when it comes to express our gratitude and love for them. She has been sweeping the floor for so long. Give her a break too :o)

Conclusion-A very good helper!

Do you still want to do housework and sweep the floor yourself?

Yes, you are still able to, if you want. If it can be a form of exercise too, provided you still have the energy to, after a hectic day or week after working.

Technology is always advancing. There are more and better ones out in the market. You will have more choices.

Overall, it is worth the deal to purchase one as long as it serves the purpose. You will definitely love it, with no life regret! :o)


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best and take care!

Terand :o)

8 thoughts on “Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-Best Electronic Gifts for Christmas

  1. Hi Terand
    Just wondering, what if you have high tresholds in the doorways? Can the robot vacuum get over it or will my fancy new tech end up being limited to one room?

    1. Hi Belinda,
      First of all, thank you for reaching out to my article.
      My iRobot is able to ‘climb over’ the kitchen door’s track, easily. The height of the sliding door track is about 1.7cm height. It should not be an issue if it is slightly higher a bit because there is a spring on its wheel where it can be ‘lifted’ up and down. I’m trying to add a picture and seems like the comment box does not allow me to do so.
      Hope I’ve helped to answer your question. Do let me know if you need my further assistance. Thank you & Good day to you, Belinda :o)

  2. I have always wanted a vacuum cleaner! It would be so much easier especially after a long day hard at work and the last thing you want to do is vacuuming haha

    1. Yes, you should consider owning one robotic vacuum cleaner. I’m very sure your will love it! At least help you out when you are dead tired. Why not? :o)

  3. Hi Terand,
    Very interesting!
    Who ever think that one day we are going to have a robotic vacuum, right?

    I have a one myself too, since I’m in Korea, I’m using the Samsung brand. It helps a lot actually. So what I do is, before I go out for work– I turn it on, set is for half an hour.

    And here’s a plus… it’s entertaining as well 😄. Mine, comes with a remote, so it’s like playing with a toy car!

    But, of course you can’t trust it with heavy cleaning, once in a while you still have to clean your floors with your hands.

  4. Hey Mina, you are right. It is still very entertaining after so many years. It’ has been such a great home helper. Maybe I should get one remote control and play with it? Lol

  5. The information on your site is very helpful, Terand. the fact that you posted pictures of
    the product lets the customers decide with a better understanding, not counting on visualization alone. I’d like to come back to your site for looking at future items. Thank you for taking the time to inform the readers.

    1. Thank you, Max. You are most welcome! I’m just sharing to the best of my knowledge with my real life example. Only when you own it, you will not only know more but also not stingy to share☺️😄

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