Digital Peephole Viewer for your home?


Security begins at home for your loved ones!


When it comes to protecting our family members, nothing else comes first!

The Traditional Front Door Eye Viewer- Peephole


For ages, we have been using this simple peephole to provide for home safety.

The traditional peephole viewer(non-tech) has a distorted view due to its type of fish-eye lens. There are also blind spots due to the limited viewing angle.

When was the last time you had difficulty looking out through the peephole of your front door, side door or back entrance?


I remember I had to press one eye against the tiny peephole. The view was too small to be seen.

I used to have a fear of looking into the peephole while I was a kid. Afraid that someone will poke into my eyes even though it is not possible.


Sometimes, the peephole viewer may be positioned too high such that one has to tiptoe.

It’s not that I’m not tall enough, just that some standard peephole viewers are already in place at a certain height when we moved in.

Furthermore, regardless of tall or short people, it is still not an easy task to get a clear view.

Sometimes, we will not be able to see who is standing (or even hiding) outside our doorstep.

Has anyone used the Chain Door Guard before?

Door Chain Guard

A door chain guard is a simple fixture attached to your door and door frame which allows the door to open with a small gap, restricted by a chain.

Thus, it allows communication with people outside your door.

When I was small, my house used to fix a chain door guard so that the door can be opened slightly to see who is outside your door.

Installing it is not an easy task too. You must ensure to drill the hole first, and all the other measurements. It is quite a hassle.

Most importantly, it must be firmly installed. If not, it could be easily kicked in, due to weak door restrictor or poor installation.

You might say by fixing the chain door guard seems to resolve the safety issue, yet there’s still fear within us.

Who dares to open?

If we have our family members, especially our elderly or the young ones home alone, it is something which we are very concerned. They may not be quick enough to react and close the door should an intruder try to force his/her way through with some weapon, knife or gun. Not to frighten you. Anything is possible.

It is always good to have a door chain better than none, yet it is still not a perfect solution.

Is there a solution? Definitely!

My Recommendation For You

We know about Security Cameras which can help to provide an eye for our home (If you have read my previous article on Best Wireless Home Security Systems Cameras -How to choose?

You still can do it, but if your purpose is to know who is at your doorstep, then it will not be feasible to install an IP camera outside your home.

I would recommend a digital peephole viewer for your doorstep. It will be the most appropriate choice.

What is a Digital Peephole Viewer?

There are so many choices in the market, how are we going to choose the best digital peephole viewer? What are the things we need to know?

There are a couple of things you have to know.

Let me help you. Over here, I will be showing some photos of my digital peephole viewer. So it’s useful to know what to look out for before you make that purchase.
I will show you my real-life pictures you can hardly find it elsewhere.

At least, it will be easier to show picture illustrations rather than only using words. You do not have to use your imagination due to limited pictures available which are not what we want.

Take note: The Digital Peephole Viewer pictures provided are based on the model I am using. Technically speaking, it should be quite similar unless there are features which are unique or different.

Wait! Wait! Before you make your purchase

Before I move on to share with you, there are two important factors you must take into consideration! I do not want you to waste your money and end up with another white elephant in your house.

1) Door Width

Door thickness is from 35mm to 105mm.

If it is not within the range, then you have to look for the appropriate one.

Say, if it is less than 35mm, there will be a gap and not tight. You have to think out of the box to resolve the gap issue, and sometimes it may not hold properly. If the door is thicker than 105mm, then it is not fully tightened.

You have to take your own risk.

2) Barrel Diameter

You need to check:

(I) Can the digital peephole replace the standard sized peepholes in your door?

The barrel diameter is 14mm to 22mm.

Peephole viewer set

(II) Require any additional work to install? Say, for instance, some doors do not even have a peephole, and you must first find out if it is feasible (or easy) to drill a hole through the door.

For me, it was quite an easy job, with no sweat. When I removed my traditional peephole viewer, it just fit easily into the existing hole.


Show you how it looks like: Indoor and Outdoor view

Digital Peephole Viewer-My Indoor & Outdoor View

About Setup /Features & How To Use

The Digital Peephole Viewer is very easy to set up and operate.

Peephole Viewer-Outside Device Unit

Outdoor Device Unit:

When the visitor presses the “Bell” button, the display screen automatically turns on and take a photo.

The IR (Infrared) LED provides a clear night vision. The LEDs will turn on automatically under poor light condition.

Lens: High Definition Color Sensor, 120 degree wide angles viewing.

Peephole Viewer Menu

Indoor Device Unit:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Setup-Main Page

Setup (Main Page):

Do Not Disturb Function:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Do Not Disturb

This is to decide if the ringing tone is to be heard when someone presses the bell.

Selecting “Off” means the ringing tone can be heard.

When “On” is selected, that means it is in silent mode.

Language setting:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Settings-Language

The Digital Peephole Viewer comes in 8 languages.

English, French, Espanola, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Russia and Mandarin. (Not all shown here, as I did not scroll down further)

Use the up/down buttons to select accordingly.

Doorbell Ring Volume:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Ring Volume

How loud?

There are 3 modes to choose -High, Medium or Low

Ring Type:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Ring Type

There are 32 ringing types available. Ding Dong, Birthday, Christmas, etc.

Auto Power Off: (The How long will the screen be lit?

Digital Peephole Viewer-Auto Power Off

You can decide how long you want the display screen to be lit before it turns off automatically.

Either 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds or “Off”.

”Off” means the display screen will not be turned off and will stay there until the battery goes flat.

How to power off manually?:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Power Off

To turn off the display, simply press and hold the “Power On/Off” button (Right-hand side) for at least 1 to 2 seconds and you can let go your finger once you see the “Goodbye” message.

Display Screen Size:

Other factors to consider is, how big/wide you want the display screen to be?

I was looking for a mid-range size then. To what I had researched then, the bigger the display screen, the higher the price. Of course, different brand/model and screen display type, promotions and discounts will also be other contributing factors.

The one I am showing you over here is a 3.5 inch TFT LCD (Thin-Film-Transistor Liquid-Crystal Display) screen. TFT LCD has improved image quality.

It will not have a distorted view (Fish-eye lens) from the traditional peephole viewer.

There are different screens sizes: 2.4 inch, 3.0 inch, 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, etc.

The Display Screen will be turned on:

(I) When someone presses the bell and a photo will be taken.

(II) By pressing the “Power On” button.

Digital Zoom In/Out:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Up Down for Digital Zoom

Press the “Up” or “Down” buttons to zoom in or out.

Photo Taking:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Photo Taking

After pressing the “Power On/Off” button, press the“Power On/Off” button again.

You can take as many shots as possible by pressing the “Power On/Off” button several times.

This depends on your MicroSD storage size but normally photos will not take up much storage compared to video recordings. So far, I have about 293 photos and videos to-date (Cumulative of 4 years since Feb 2015) on my 2GB MicroSD card

Digital Peephole Viewer-Photo Reviewing

To view photo, press the “Video/Photo Review” button

Video Recording:

Digital Peephole Viewer-To record video

After pressing the “Power On/Off” button, press on the “Video Recording” button

Digital Peephole Viewer-To stop recording

To stop recording, press the “Power On/Off” button

Digital Peephole Viewer-Video Reviewing

To view video recorded, press the “Video/Photo Review” button

Date & Time Stamp feature:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Date & Time Stamp

Whenever someone presses the doorbell, it will automatically take a photo.

There will be a date and time stamp at the bottom right screen for every photo taken.

MicroSD Adapter & DC 6V Power Adapter Inlet:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Micro SD Adapter and DC 6V Power Adapter Inlet

It comes with a MicroSD card socket (Support Maximum 32GB for my model.

There are 64GB available for other types).

You may want to use the power adapter(6V DC) or 4 pcs AA Batteries (Refer to picture below, under “Battery Compartment”)

Zoom In: MicroSD Adapter (“TF”), MicroSD Card and DC 6V Power Adapter(“DC 6V”)

Digital Peephole Viewer-Zoom In Micro SD Adapter (TF), Micro SD Card and DC 6V Power Adapter(DC 6V)

For any photos and video recordings taken, it stores on the MicroSD card.

You can remove the MicroSD card at any time, to save or transfer it to your computer.

Battery Compartment:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Battery Compartment

It uses x4 AA Batteries. So far, I prefer to use batteries as I do not like to have any power cord running on my door.

It does not look nice on a personal view. It’s up to your preference.

Digital Peephole Viewer-Battery Compartment II

Low Power (Battery) Indicator:

Digital Peephole Viewer-Low Power Indicator

When the battery is about to turn flat, you can notice from the red battery indicator.

How long will the batteries last?

It varies. I change it about 2 to 4 months. It depends on how you used it:

  • The longer the time the display screen is on.
  • Video recording, especially the longer the recording time, it will consume more power.

How to fix or remove the Indoor Host Device?

From the picture below, the outdoor device already in place (but still can be uninstalled easily, from inside):

Digital Peephole Viewer-Battery Compartmwnt III

You can remove the Indoor Host device by disconnecting the connector.


There are many brands and models, sizes, features and functions. Hence, the price range varies from about US$ 50 to US$100 (The price is an estimate and will change over the time due to various reasons: Brand, New/Old Model &/or Version, Price competition, Sales, Promotions, Discount, etc.).

Nowadays, it has become more and more affordable as people are more willing to invest in the safety of their loved ones.


For the traditional peephole, any movement inside the house, especially when you are at the peephole, it will be noticed from the outside. We used to have that fear and do not want to get close to the peephole until after ‘cooling period’ (Lol but it’s true).

Digital Peephole Viewer is a very helpful digital device which could easily solve the difficulty of viewing through a narrow hole in the door to see outside. It has a wide display screen, and we do not have to strain our eye by peeping into a narrow hole.

It only takes a couple of seconds to check who is outside your doorstep, with the press of a button.

If you’re expecting someone, it will be easy to have a quick look before opening the door.

You will be able to see very clearly who is outside your door by looking at the brightly lit wide display screen, without any fear that the person outside will know if you are watching them. That’s the best part.

Ever since I installed it, it gives me a sense of security not only for me but my mum when I am not at home. Nowadays, burglars or intruders will be smart and definitely will avoid when they notice some device with an eye is on your door. This acts like a good ‘talisman’ (Ha).

It is very simple to install and very easy to use.

Other Features:

When I purchased mine, I did not opt for the knocking sensor feature. It works by recording the visitor(or visitors) image automatically, as soon as someone knocks at the door.

There is another type which has the motion detection sensor which automatically records the activities when there is any movement outside your doorstep. Hence, it will use up more data capacity and power consumption.

Thus, different digital peephole viewers will have their own distinct features.

What I have shared covers the basic functions which is more than sufficient. Of course, it will be good to have more features. In that case, it will definitely cost more. It’s up to individual preference.

When it comes to home security, it is not only for us but most importantly we should consider investing a digital peephole viewer when we have our seniors and children are home alone. They are the usual vulnerable groups. It provides an additional layer of security and protection for you and your loved ones.

Thank you! Cheers and Take care too!

Terand :o)

Best Wireless Home Security Systems Cameras -How to choose?

Introduction-An Eye for your Home

It is a rising trend that security is becoming threatened. We have seen and heard a lot. Through technological advancement, more and more sophisticated devices are out in the market to improve the security and safety of the nation.

When it comes to home security, we cannot leave it to the authority. It is our responsibility to ensure we have a safe home. There are too many choices out there which might result in the consumer being confused or getting the wrong one and wasting money.

To the best of my knowledge and experience, I will be sharing with you on how to choose the best surveillance camera for home.

In the market, which is the best Indoor Wireless Security Cameras? So many models! Which one to choose? It was so confusing when I decided to get one!

There are two types:
1) IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras work within your LAN network

They can be wired or wireless.

IP Cameras today have a much higher resolution than CCTV cameras.

They can be powered and they transmit video over a single cable, thereby reducing the cabling cost compared to CCTV.

2) Traditional analog CCTV cameras work on their own system connected to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

The main processing of the video signal done at the server or DVR. It also requires two cables, one for the power and the other for the video. Furthermore, the resolutions are limited, unlike IP Camera.

– Put it simply, we do not need a CCTV at home running on a server system.

Verdict: IP Camera is Sufficient for your home.

Concerns about the cable connection

The setting up with all the cables was a puzzle in itself. Do I need a long cable to connect from my installation point to the modem/router? What do you mean by wireless and wired?

I have taken photos of my own IP Camera. Photos explain the situation better, more than words (Sounds familiar? Not the song. LOL) Note there is some dust, that shows it is not new and I am using it.

Two areas to look at:

  1. Network connection– Two types: Wireless(WiFi, which everyone knows) and Wired LAN cable [Photo below: The cable on the left, in this case, mine is a blue LAN cable].

Verdict: Wired LAN cable connection definitely more stable without much video lagging and provides better resolution.

2. Power source– Two types: Power cable or Battery Operated

Power cable IP Camera (Runs on power wires)

Constant power supply from the wall socket to the IP Camera. You do not have to worry about the loss of power from the battery operated ones unless there is a power failure.

[Photo above: The cable on the right, the black cable].

Battery Operated IP Camera [3 Types]

(I) Non-rechargeable battery: Requires changing when it runs out.

(II) Rechargeable battery: Need a couple of hours to charge before it runs out of power, although Eco-Friendly.

(III) Solar-Powered: Although Eco-Friendly but it depends on the sun. No sunlight means no power to move on.

Simply saying, these are also called Wire-Free Battery Camera.

Verdict: Power cable IP Camera

A close-up look at the back of the IP Camera

Normally, you hardly find such pictures on any advertisement or when you search the websites. This was the part I could not figure out initially. Hence, I hope this picture can help to clear some doubts.

[Photo below: (Orange)LAN port; MicroSD slot and DC 5V power input]


Where to install the IP Camera?

Who says you need to drill holes? There is no hassle at all. It depends on how you do it.

For me, I have attempted a few ways.

(i) The usual recommended, Inverted position:

I had tried placing the IP Camera on top of my ceiling, by simulation. I got my sister and mum to help me see if it is working out well. Holding on to the IP Camera high up, standing on a chair (Be careful of safety when you do that, that’s why my sister was there to help. My mum helped to see if the video captured looks OK. I trust my mum’s judgment). No matter which type of camera you are using, the view of your house seems somehow distorted. Not that the IP Camera is not good, it is due to the positioning where the camera is ‘zooming downwards, at an angle’. It looked weird.

(ii) Non-Inverted, Original Upright position:

I find it the best. Why? Because you will not be looking at people and things from the top down view.

The advantage: (I) No need to drill any single hole on the wall. (II) I can relocate to any place I prefer, right now I’ve shifted it to my TV console.

Verdict: Non-Inverted, Original Upright position + Any place

[Look at the photo below.

Previously it was on my sofa. The view was taken from the sofa which is not seen in the photo below. It looks great on the resolution too!]

Resolution -A critical decision

Verdict: I go for the best and latest technology, which is the 1440P.


A lot of IP Camera seems great, I have also seen very cute ones, such as the robot or doggy type. Most of these types look nice on the exterior but when it comes to choosing the best resolution it will not be a good choice. The resolution could be low or very low at 720P. Currently, in the market, the common ones are the 720P and 1080P.

What is 720P, 1080P and 1440P?

It refers to the screen resolution or display resolution. That is, how clear is the screen image/video.

[OK, it will be a bit technical here. If you are not clear, go for the highest resolution. You will not regret it]

In fact, the term “resolution” is not correct when it is used to refer to the number of pixels on a screen. It is about how densely the pixels are clustered. Technically speaking, “Resolution” is the number of pixels per unit of area, rather than the total number of pixels.

“P” stands for Progressive.

In the older days, it was the “I” which stands for Interlaced (Early CRT /TV monitors) which flicker a lot.

To overcome the flickering issue, it needs to increase the number of times on an entire screen in a second, which is called frame rate (Most common was 60 times per second, which was acceptable for most people while it could be pushed a bit higher to get rid of the flicker)

In a progressive scan, the lines are so-called ‘painted’ on the screen in sequence rather than first the odd lines and then the even lines. In laymen term, 1440p means there are 1440 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and a progressive scan.

Tabulation on Resolution:

So, which one is the best? 720P, 1080P or 1440P? [Now you know]

[The photos I’ve provided are based on 1440P]


Currently, there is a 5MP(2560 x 1920). This is definitely the clearest resolution.

In fact, 1440P(4MP- Megapixel) is more than enough where the market is still popular with 1080P(2MP).

It is up to you to choose which resolution to go for, as long as it serves your needs.

Why did I get the IP Camera?

Out of security concerns when my mum is alone at home. I believe children are always concerned about their parents’ well-being.

As my mum is staying with me for good, after staying with my sister for over 20 years. I’ve decided to get an IP camera. At least, I will feel reassured and can check out anytime for my mum’s safety.


  • Security

Always feels safe and secured, knowing your home situation. You will be alerted(via email and mobile device push notifications) if there is an intruder via its motion sensor feature.

It is also able to record motion-detected videos to inserted MicroSD card or via a Reolink NVR(Round-The-Clock 24/7 Video recording for all Reolink security cameras)

  • IR (Infra-Red) Night Vision

Sharp and crisp image and video in the resolution of 2560×1440.

Even in the dark, 8pcs infrared LED lights bring you excellent night vision up to 40ft, giving you 24/7 surveillance.

  • Video recording

Fast forward and playback via micro SD card.

  • Pan & Tilt, Every angle covered

With up to 105 degrees wide viewing angle. Wide rotating angle – 355° horizontally and 105° vertically, you can see every part of your home with easy pan and tilt control.

  • No messy cabling (If you choose not to use the LAN cable)

With 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band WiFi available, and 2T2R MIMO antennas, no signal loss, and interference.

  • Easy relocation

You can place your IP Camera at any part of your home. Just to ensure there is a power source if you are using the power cable type.

  • Two-way communications

Both parties are able to communicate at the same time. There may be a slight lag over the voice. Hence, be patient.

Ultimately, it will be better compared to those which only has one-way communication from the apps.

  • Predefined location. For immediate viewing of your preferred location.

You can view any part of the home, say the living room. It is controlled via Apps.

Try to centralize your IP Camera. For me, I placed it right in the middle of my house (fortunate enough) where I can view my living room, bedrooms and dining/kitchen.


It is always a good deal, worth investing. With no regret! It is not only fun to play with but also gives you the comfort to ‘look after’ your loved ones. This is even better when you need to travel for business or having a holiday where you still can get connected with your family.

Overall, it is the best home security camera system where you can remotely monitor your home anytime, from anywhere.

Take a look at my home eye!

Here is my Reolink C1 Pro IP Camera!

My IP Camera

Isn’t it great? Let’s own one now!


  • 4MP 1440p HD
  • Pan Tilt
  • 2.4/5 GHz Dual Band WiFi
  • Night Vision
  • Two Way Audio

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-Best Electronic Gifts for Christmas

First of all, welcome to my site!

Good day to you!

Household chores, a must do and tiring task

Who amongst us likes to do housework? If there is a way to lighten the household chores, why wouldn’t we?

Everybody is so busy and tired:

Nowadays we are living in a world where the majority of us are always so busy with our work.

For the past, I was in a profession where it was always very busy before and after each month end closing. Many late nights were spent at the workplace. Most of the time, my weekends will be burnt too. On top of this, I still need to bring my office laptop home to continue working on any unfinished or urgent work. (That’s the reason why the company employs us. Cry. Lol)

By the time we reach home, all our energy has been drained up. Even if you manage to have free time on the weekend/off day, it will be sad if there is still a lot of household chores to be done. One of the most tiring tasks is the cleaning up of the floor. I could not take it when the floor got dirty and cannot understand why there is always dust when all doors and windows were shut most of the time.

What if there is a way to lighten the housework, why not? It will be a great relief for you! Apart from that, it will be even better if you can do away with the household chores and spend more quality time with your family and loved ones. Or you can have your own personal time to rest well and get recharged.

There is a way out!

Hence, in order to free myself up and stop further energy draining with tiring house chores, I started to look out for alternatives on the website. I recalled seeing a robotic vacuum cleaner at my friend’s place. Being a gadget lover person, I was so amazed. Thereafter, I was fortunate to find an article talking about the invention of robotic cleaners, leading me to check out further on these wonderful home improvement gadgets.

How I choose a decent robotic cleaner

So how to choose a good robotic vacuum cleaner?

I had done a lot of homework on the different type of robotic cleaners. From various online stores to departmental stores. It took me quite a long time to come to a conclusion.

I’ve always been careful and calculative whenever I need to make any purchase. Not trying to be stingy but when it comes to taking out money from our pocket, I have to be cautious.

  • Check out reviews

Also, I did not want to pay for a white elephant. Reason being, I saw on YouTube’s reviews that some robotic cleaner just simply knocked onto anything even though it has built-in sensors. Some could not even perform a simple cleaning function, low power suction. When it comes to value, there is always a price to invest.

  • Tabulation for comparison

I even made a tabulation listing to compare between various brand/model, features, warranty, service center location/support, vendor’s credential and of course most important, the price. I suggest you do that-something visual will be a lot easier for you to compare. It’s up to you.

  • Pull the salesman in!

Get something that is lasting. The same goes for human relationships. After careful consideration, I invited the salesman to perform a live demonstration at my house, on 3 types of automatic cleaning machines I fancied: Vacuum, Mop, and Wash types.

The purpose is to get the real feel and see the robotic vacuum cleaner in action, right in front of your very own eyes. Sometimes, advertisement and the commercial break will be showing you the best but never tell you the full story. You know.

At that moment, after the demo, I had the urge to get two types: Vacuum and Washing function. The salesman was honest enough to tell me straight that although the washing model can really wash, the battery consumption is fast and need to be recharged quite a few times in order to cover only a small area. There’s a huge washing tank, unlike those we are seeing nowadays with a small flat water tank. It really scrubs and cleans very well. Somehow a year or so, I understood that the model no longer available. I still love it but too bad.

  • Brand, Model, and Type

I would suggest getting a decent brand where people know. Sometimes or most of the time, the unknown brand never last long.

Not necessarily that branded ones are expensive but there is a range of models available. You do not have to go for the latest model unless you can afford it.

For me, I just go for mid-range models which can still able to perform a satisfactory job for me.

There are models which allow remote control from the smartphone, which I see that it is not necessary for me.

There are also various brands where it includes a mop pad coupled with the vacuum function. Ultimately, it is up to the individual’s preference and budget.

  • Here comes my baby!

For me, it has always been a wise decision, with no regret! Look at my loving baby below!

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum:

My iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum 1

Let the robotic cleaner do the dirty job, for health’s sake too! Hands off!

Getting one robotic vacuum cleaner eases a lot of time to clean up the floor. A cleaned floor will help us in terms of better health.

We will be less prone to getting common illnesses such as the common cold or flu.  All these dust, dirt and even animal furs (if you have pet at home) will harm our health easily by affecting our respiratory system and skin.

Sweeping the floor is not a good activity because there are bound to have flying dust in the air when you sweep. No wonder, nowadays a lot of people are getting sick very easily.

Pros, more than cons

Preparation job:

The only cons I see is to prepare the floor before hitting the clean button.

Even if you have to pick up stuff on the floor before cleaning, it helps you to cultivate a good habit. That is, not to anyhow leave or throw your stuff on the floor! Who wants to stay in a messy house?

These smarthome products have a smart built-in memory technology where it can ‘remember’ the furniture position. It will be fine if you decide to relocate the furniture. Not an issue. It is smart :o)

You still can leave the stuff on the floor since it has a sensor feature. It is able to avoid any ‘obstacle’; by bypassing when it senses something or when you walk past.

Scheduled job:

It has a very good feature where you can program it to run anytime. Set it to any day/time you prefer to run sessions. It can also run daily or while you travel. You can let it run when you go out and by the time when you are back, the job is done. Easy breezy!

Auto Docking:

You do not need to bring the machine back to its home base(docking station).

It can go back to his docking station, when it is about to complete its task or till it gets hungry (battery running flat soon). No worries, this smart baby will know its way back.

Anyway, manual docking is not so common nowadays. That is, to bring the robotic cleaner by yourself to the charging base. Although it is still available in the market, I can tell you it is very troublesome. Imagine halfway through when the battery runs out and it stops under the bed. That’s it. I believe you would not want that to happen.

Pamper your machine, so that it will do the job for you:

After all, my smart gadget has been a great helper for the past years. Really good purchase.

What you need to do is to ‘service’ it once in a while, when the bin gets ‘full’ or the body is dirty and needs you to wipe it up.

For me, normally I will do a simple wipe up and empty the bin. The most tedious was to take out the parts by unlocking all the necessary screws(if you know how, if not I would not suggest). I only did it once since I bought it 3 years (and a month) ago. It’s up to you how you want to do it.

You do not have much to complain because the robotic cleaner is cleaning up the whole house for you (You do not have to do so).

Health Ambassador:

Forgot to mention, for a person who was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 7, this machine really helps a lot. Used to clean up the floor with a vacuum cleaner (it is still with me but for other purposes like vacuuming the window sliding track) but during the process, I felt hot and irritated due to perspiration. People with eczema have very low or zero tolerance. In the end, my skin condition got worst.

Real life pictures of how this wonderful machine works for you:

【Note: The pictures below may make you feel uncomfortable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.】

Look at the amount of dust, harming our family’s health!

My iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum-5
My iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum-5

To what I see, this is a great problem solver since nowadays a lot of people are having an allergy problem. Keeping the floor clean, makes a great difference.

Smart Home Technology for the elderly:

Also, my mum has been helping out by staying at my sister’s place for many years. Recently, she is back staying with me for good.

She is always happy to see the robotic cleaner roaming about.

Christmas is coming. It is also a great gift for the parents when it comes to express our gratitude and love for them. She has been sweeping the floor for so long. Give her a break too :o)

Conclusion-A very good helper!

Do you still want to do housework and sweep the floor yourself?

Yes, you are still able to, if you want. If it can be a form of exercise too, provided you still have the energy to, after a hectic day or week after working.

Technology is always advancing. There are more and better ones out in the market. You will have more choices.

Overall, it is worth the deal to purchase one as long as it serves the purpose. You will definitely love it, with no life regret! :o)


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best and take care!

Terand :o)

About Terand


First of all, welcome to my site-MySmartHomeGadget!

Good day to you!

About Me

I am a Home Improvement Gadget lover.

Partly due to my tertiary education where it had cultivated and trained me to become a technically inclined person (Not a bad one, anyway. Lol). During my school-days, I learned how amazing automation can contribute to the world. I studied subjects such as Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Industrial Automation where I learned how robotic arm works plus programming skill related to the use of Computer Numeric Control Machine to fabricate item. During my final year project, our team managed to design an automated food tray wrapping machine. Although it did not win any award it was an amazing experience.

Although I move on further to upgrade myself in terms of higher academic achievement-Economics/Accounting, it still loves at first sight whenever I see or know any tech-savvy gadgets. I love the way it functions. It is simply such a wonderful and smart creation. This is the goodness of technology advancement where it brings benefits to mankind and change/improve the way how we live. Of course, we need to use it wisely.

Frankly speaking, it may be seen as spending but I see that as an investment in the long run. Personally, I have a few gadgets at home where I find it really helpful.

Say for instance, if someone(machine) help to perform your household chores, wouldn’t it be nice? Definitely, it will ease your life, a lot.

You should also consider owning it, as it will be a good purchase.

Moving forward, I am going to share with you my humble knowledge of some home improvement tools and how it helps to save you time and energy.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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