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First of all, welcome to my site-MySmartHomeGadget!

Good day to you!

About Me

I am a Home Improvement Gadget lover.

Partly due to my tertiary education where it had cultivated and trained me to become a technically inclined person (Not a bad one, anyway. Lol). During my school-days, I learned how amazing automation can contribute to the world. I studied subjects such as Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Industrial Automation where I learned how robotic arm works plus programming skill related to the use of Computer Numeric Control Machine to fabricate item. During my final year project, our team managed to design an automated food tray wrapping machine. Although it did not win any award it was an amazing experience.

Although I move on further to upgrade myself in terms of higher academic achievement-Economics/Accounting, it still loves at first sight whenever I see or know any tech-savvy gadgets. I love the way it functions. It is simply such a wonderful and smart creation. This is the goodness of technology advancement where it brings benefits to mankind and change/improve the way how we live. Of course, we need to use it wisely.

Frankly speaking, it may be seen as spending but I see that as an investment in the long run. Personally, I have a few gadgets at home where I find it really helpful.

Say for instance, if someone(machine) help to perform your household chores, wouldn’t it be nice? Definitely, it will ease your life, a lot.

You should also consider owning it, as it will be a good purchase.

Moving forward, I am going to share with you my humble knowledge of some home improvement tools and how it helps to save you time and energy.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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